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Internet Information Services (IIS) is a proprietary web server suite integrated into Microsoft Windows operating systems. IIS is the world's second most popular web server, and is often chosen for enterprise integration by large businesses and government institutions. IIS 7 is available for Windows 7, Windows Server 2008, and Windows Vista.

Default Web Configuration

A default website configuration is created during the installation of IIS. An "Inetpub" directory is added at the server's root, with web content located in the "Wwwroot" subdirectory. Modification of the default website is possible through the IIS Manager user-interface. This default configuration can also be deleted and replaced.

Open the IIS Manager by selecting its icon in the system's control panel. Alternatively, the manager can be started by entering "inetmgr" into the system's command prompt. IIS configurations are listed in tree form, and can be accessed via the "Connections" pane. The "Sites" node will list all websites currently being hosted by IIS. After selecting a site, the "Actions" pane will display detailed information about the content, and allow for independent modification of properties and variables. The selected site can also be zapable android app creator started and stopped with the appropriately labeled buttons.

Command Prompt

As an alternative to the graphical user-interface, IIS has a full set of functions available through the system's command prompt. Consult the referenced Microsoft TechNet documentation for additional commands, functions, and demonstrations.

To list all available websites, enter: appcmd list sites

To start the default website, enter: appcmd start sites "Default Web Site"


Microsoft TechNet: Web Server (IIS) Documentation

More Information:

Microsoft TechNet: Web Server (IIS) Documentation

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It can be invisible for you to human visitors.

NoFollow is generally employed for SEO each moment a website desires to tell the particular search engines like google which they don't endorse the web site which they are usually linking to. This kind of checklist handles a quantity of the most typical SEO terms which you ought to know:

Backlink, in addition known as an 'inlink' or just a 'link', identifies hyperlinks posted upon outside sites which point back again to end up being able to your own personal site. Within regards to SEO, this system can be hoped in order to improve your page Rank regarding all of the sites within the farm. A Person will obtain more visitors to your own website when it ranks much better inside SERPs.

Spiders, additionally known as 'web crawlers' or even 'bots', are generally whom SEO is created for; it is a personal computer program utilized through the search engines like google for you to browse the web.

Understanding the various terms as well as phrases used by SEO experts will offer you quite in edge more than those individuals who nonetheless believe it is actually a foreign language.

For those who haven't been formally trained in the ways regarding SEO and also the web, a couple of associated with the terms and also phrases that you run into may sound more just just like a foreign language compared to instructions as well as techniques which are utilized to help your own web site rank far better with the search engines. This particular technique continues for you to be abused within the past, so is currently considered spamming.

Keyword Density is a extremely important element involving SEO and refers towards the amount associated with occasions a specific keyword can be used on a provided web page.

Link Farm identifies tyler perez a bunch associated with websites, where every web site contains links to any or perhaps all another web sites within the farm. This kind of is extremely vital that you SEO, since it directly affects your current Web Page Rank.

Cloaking can always be a black hat SEO technique which involves creating a single web site appear one approach to search engine spiders and an additional to human visitors. Don't despair next time a person hear a strange SEO phrase - it isn't hard to figure out exactly what it means. Basically, if Google sees the NoFollow tag it will not count in which link.

SEM appears with regard to search engine marketing, and it is truly an umbrella term with regard to SEO and also PPC (pay-per-click) techniques.

SERP is an acronym for search engine results page, and it is basically the actual web page which you see once you research for a specific keyword. Is Actually truly considered a new spamming, or even black hat, SEO technique.

Meta Tag is roofed on a website to provide the search engines more details about your content as well as is, therefore, very advantageous in the large event it will come in order to SEO

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